Friday, January 25, 2008

Heaven on a plate

Meat. I really do not like it. If I go over to some one's house and they're serving meat, I will eat it to be polite. But, I could do without it for the rest of my life and not miss it. It's not for any worthy cause, I just don't really care for the taste.

Loni and Scott are aware of my "dirty little secret" however. Up until a few months ago...I had this serious issue with eating cheeseburgers from of all places, the Golden Arches. That was until I saw the movie Super Size Me and I promise you, it completely turned me off on that type of food.

Foods I could live on...

Basil/tomato/mozzarella - this is THE best combination of ingredients on the planet. Drizzle with a tiny bit of olive oil and balsamic and it's downright heaven. I could eat this every single day.

Pita/pepper slices and hummus - I really dig lemon hummus with the pita and some type veggie hummus or garlic with the peppers.

Portabella Burgers

Black bean/avocado/green and red pepper/jalapeno/tomato/with a little bit of Italian dressing salad...yum.

Annie's Mac and Cheese - any variety will do.

Pad Thai, without the chicken

Sushi...not REAL sushi...I like the avocado/shrimp maki


If you had to plan your favorite dinners for the next week...what would they be?


Moody Family said...

We pretty much eat everything... as long as it isn't fast food. We don't like the grease and the thought of all of the bad things in it just makes me sick. I won't feed it to my family. So, for 5 days of food we will probably have
1) homemade pizza (toppings to be determined by Colin)
2)spinach and tomato pasta (Jason's favorite)
3) chicken breasts, asparagus with garlic and olive oil, spinach salad and brown rice.
4) tacos, with a salad(haven't had them in 4 months and Colin is begging me to make them)
5) Beef Stew, we usually have chopped fresh veggies on the side(it is supposed to get cold at the end of next week)

amy said...

spinach and tomato do you make that - sounds good.

Marc said...

i loves the real sushi. and all its mercury.

but really - jen makes the best anything she's cooking i am in for.

Moody Family said...

Spinach and tomato pasta is easy. I just dice a bunch of tomatos... I love tomatos. Then I cook those down with onions and garlic with some really good olive oil. While those cook I boil my water and get my noodles (whole grain preferably) ready. Homemade noodles taste the best in this but I usually don't have time for that. After the tomatoes, garlic (a lot of garlic), onions and olive oil have made a sauce I add a big bag of baby spinach and cover it until that cooks down. Then I just add my pasta to it and stir it together. Sometimes I put zuccini and green peppers in the sauce too. It depends on what is in season. Then we serve it with fresh parmesian. I love it because it is very good and very easy to make. Oh and if you want to add meat (probably not though) italian sausage works best. I hope you like it....

amy said...

hey, thanks! I will try it and let ya know...i haven't attempted your homemade pasta recipe yet...someday.

Lynn said...

Let's see... when you were growing up the meals that each of you wanted to cook when it was your night to choose and cook:
Amy: clam chowder and nachos
Scott: chicken parm
Marc: never cared much... wanted to try different things or let someone else do the cooking. One thing he wanted was the special chocolate cake with the 7 minute frosting. MMMMMM!
And then there were whoopie pies...

petecobb99 said...

1. fresh from the ocean lobster
2. homemade pizza
3. gary's fish roll-ups
4. whatever karen is cooking that day (just about guaranteed to be great)
5. graham cracker pie
6. cheese fondue
7. fried turkey
8. pork roast
9. anything i just picked out of our garden
i could go on, but i think you asked for 5...

mcw said...

1. spaghetti with meatballs, hot italian sausage and garlic bread
2. chili with corn bread
3. shrimp scampi with baked potato and salad
4. slow cooked baby back ribs with french fries and cole slaw
5. buffalo chicken sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, onion, blue cheese dressing and chips

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