Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From the air

Here are some photos that Adam's instructor took, while Adam flew on their way up to Keene on Monday.

Mt. Monadnock

A little closer.

Even closer!

A reservoir in CT.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not just another Monday

On my way to the museum this morning, I found myself in the middle (well, not THE middle, but off to the side about 200 feet) of a standoff on I-84. All was going well, and I thought to myself just before we came to an abrupt halt, that I was going to be early today.

Then. Well, I was in the lefthand lane and traffic came to a stop. Then, I look at the other side of the highway, the eastbound side of I-84 and see a barricade of police cars, with all their lights flashing. Oh, and then a handful of police with their guns drawn and some with those SWAT shields. I soon realized this wasn't a car wreck.

There were no cars between this police barricade and the next exit on the eastbound side of the highway, where there was another police barricade. Then, I see some more police cars enter the highway and get out of their cars, place those spike strips on the highway - you know, like the ones you see on COPS? Anyway, at this point people started getting out of their cars...And, the officers yell at everyone to get in their cars and stay low (this definitely puts me into scared mode). While all this is happening, I am on the phone with Adam as he is trying to figure out what is happening on the news websites.

I'm not really good at describing the scene and it is frustrating Adam as he is at home freaking out because there is nothing that he can do to help me. And we don't know what on earth is happening. I am one of about 30 cars that is stuck in this limbo situation on a bridge - where police stopped traffic in front of us and behind us. It's definitely a bit eery.

After about an hour sitting on the highway, I notice that cars behind me have started backing up and I see police officers directing them back to go the wrong way on the highway, finally I am breathing a sigh of relief that I am going to get out of here. Honestly, the most horrible thoughts were going through my head - was I going to get shot? What was that going to feel like? Was someone trying to blow themselves up? I know, it sounds dumb, but it was freaking scary.

Meantime, Adam has found the news about the situation. It was a man who stopped his car in the middle of the highway and put a gun to his head. They finally apprehended him about 3 hours later. And I was never in any real danger. Tell that to my insides though. I still have this icky uneasy feeling and it sucks. The not knowing part was really the scariest.

Here's the news story if you care to read about it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Catch Up!

The thought of actually having to shower daily and get dressed for work are two things I haven't had to think about for two years...That may well be changing. I interviewed for a position at the University of Connecticut today. I'm not sure how I did - usually after I interview I know if I'm in or not. Not this time. But my fingers are crossed that I did well. If you could all think positively for me, that would be super.

Adam is moving right along in his training. He took his instrument rating and certified flight instructor instrument rating written tests yesterday and passed both with flying colors. He's worked hard and I'm really proud of him.

I've started volunteering at the Hartford Children Museum's Wildlife Sanctuary and am really enjoying it. I've learned a lot in the brief time I've spent there. Did you know that snakes are deaf? And that when they shed, their eyes get cloudy and they can't see too well either. I guess that's my wildlife fun fact of the day! I'm really enjoying the turtles, of all things - believe it or not, those critters have quite the personality. When my duties are done, I like to just sit and watch the cats (a lynx and a jungle cat).
the wisdom's in the trees, not the glass windows - j.j.