Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Curious

It's 11:48 and I am not tired. So, I am listening to Brandi Carlile's new cd (so good!) and looking through my itunes library. I clicked on the "Top 25 Most Played Songs" and the results follow. Just out of curiosity, what's yours?


1. Public Broadcasting stream
2. The Greatest Sum (Acoustic) (Avetts) (this surprises me)
3. St Joseph's (Avetts) (this doesn't surprise me)
4. Paranoia in B Major (Avetts)
5. What You Thought You Need (Jack Johnson)
6. Tear Down the House (Avetts)
7. Murder in the City (Avetts)
8. Bella Donna (Avetts)
9. Black, Blue (Avetts)
10. Souls Like the Wheels (Avetts)
11. Matrimony (Avetts)
12. Nothing I Can Do (Ben Taylor)
13. Let Me Touch You for Awhile (Allison Krauss)
14. Hope (Jack Johnson)
15. Walking on Air (Kerli)
16. Wasted (Brandi Carlile)
17. The Greatest Sum (Electric) (Avetts)
18. Late Morning Lullaby (Brandi Carlile)
19. Again Today (Brandi Carlile)
20. Die Die Die (Avetts)
21. Have You Ever (Brandi Carlile)
22. Keep Breathing (Ingrid Michaelson)
23. I'm Alive (Kenny Chesney w/ Dave Matthews)
24. The Weight of Lies (Avetts)
25. In the Curve (Avetts)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Big Changes

We have some major changes on the horizon. I start a new job on Tuesday in NH. I'm pretty excited for a few reasons:

1. The position is going to be challenging. I will be dealing with content that I don't know a darn thing about. My new job is in medical publishing, mainly dealing with dermatology, more specifically acne and psoriasis. I'll be applying all of the skills I've learned over the last few years in project management to bring the latest research findings to physicians across the globe in various formats: interactive websites, webinars, symposiums, and of course, print.

2. The people I met during the interview process for this gig seemed smart, focused, down-to-earth, and fun. I'm looking forward to being part of a team again.

3. I get to work in one of my favorite places on the planet! The NH seacoast.

4. The location is only 30 minutes from the barn. :-)

Adam also has a job on the horizon, but I'm not going to mention specifics until it's a done deal. We're not exactly sure where we're going to live yet, but are grateful for family offering up places for us to stay in the meantime. We'll settle on the seacoast somewhere. Settle...That's not a word I've had in my vocabulary for a few years. Looking forward to parking it for a little while.
the wisdom's in the trees, not the glass windows - j.j.