Thursday, August 13, 2009

Whoa, boy...

I got the chance to ride Casey this past weekend, for the first time since I bought him. It was awesome! It wasn't all that pretty...I had an almost unplanned dismount, which Scott caught on video, and I will be sure to post as soon as I get it from him...It was pretty funny.

Casey is young and still has moments of "baby-ness" but when you say "whoa" he will. He had one of his baby moments this weekend, sorta took a leap through the air and caught me off guard...and when I said "whoa" he slammed on the brakes and I almost went over his neck. Haha! Havin' a great time, I love him! Here's a photo from that first ride...It's from Adam's phone, so the quality is not the greatest, sorry.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Avetts Rocked It (duh)

We had a fantastic time at the Avett Brothers show Sunday night.

Marc was SOOOO embarassed because I made him play tourist...

The show was at a beautiful little theater in Northampton and we were in the front row! Setlist:

Weight of lies
A Gift For Melody Anne
Down with the shine
At the beach
Tear down the house
I and love and you
Love like movies
Wanted man
Black, blue
Never been alive
November blue
Walkin for you
Hand me down tune
Laundry room (the absolute best hoedown ever)


Good times! The Avetts brought it, as always, and we were on our feet the entire time. I can't wait for the new album to come out this fall. Love those boys from North Carolina...Time to go check their tour schedule obsessively until I see that they're coming around here again. ;-)
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