Friday, December 26, 2008

RIP, Bump.

I have to say, it was pretty weird driving through Exeter today knowing he wasn't there. I'll miss his spirit and have many fond memories to hold on tight to.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Looks like it's gonna be awhile yet...

FYI...From the Union Leader Blog:

STRAFFORD, 10:15 a.m. About 70 percent of town remains without power, police Chief Scott Young said.

"As of yesterday we saw several crews, both tree cutting and the power company working in town, but not today," he said.

Power has been restored to the Crown Point area and parts of Route 202-A and parts of Center Strafford, including the town offices and the police station, which is being used as a shelter. Water is also available at the police station.

Between Friday and yesterday, about 10 people in town have been sickened by carbon monoxide, Young said. Strafford Fire and Rescue EMT Chris Dustin said none of those residents was seriously hurt and there have been no fatalities.


For those that don't know the Ladies of the Lake and Scott, for that matter, have been without electricity since Thursday evening's ice storm. All are fine...I would say, understandably getting a bit frustrated.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm sorry, I don't think I heard you correctly.

Does anyone else think it's ridiculous to be charged $21.00 for a dog nail trim? I just called the local vet in town and that's what they quoted me.

Because Kobes has long tufts of hair on his feet, I didn't realize how long his nails had gotten until I peaked at them yesterday. They are WICKED long and I was horrified...But sorry, not horrified enough to pay $21.00.

I'll just wait until I'm up north next week and have it done at the vet up there for $7.00. What a rip off, $21.00!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Tonight I am having a Girls Night Out with an old friend I reconnected with through Facebook. I'm pretty excited about this, as we discovered that we only live about 40 minutes apart. We're going to meet 1/2 way in Sturbridge for some shopping and din din.

I was reluctant to join Facebook...But I'm pretty glad I did. At the risk of sounding a little lame...truth be told, I'm a little lonely in CT and could really use some girl time! It's not all that easy to meet people in a new place when you don't work outside the home, or have kids or whatever.

Should be a good time! I'll bring the camera along and will post some pics for folks who might remember Robyn.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bring it on (the end of deer season)

Kobe and I are just about ready to jump out of our skin.

One of our favorite past times has had to go on the back burner for a bit: walking in the woods. Since we now live in town, in order for Kobes to have a little off-leash time, I take him to one of a handful of state parks nearby. Unfortunately (or fortunately - depending on which way you look at it) they all allow hunting. And they close the trails to walkers. I didn't know this until I went to take one of our daily walks on Monday and there was a big sign: Trail closed to walkers due to deer firearms season - 11/19 - 12/9. Boo.

I'm always a wee bit uneasy walking through the woods this time of year anyway - there's always some wacko mistaking a person/dog/horse for a deer every year...So, for the next week, we will settle for city walking. Bleck.
the wisdom's in the trees, not the glass windows - j.j.