Thursday, July 25, 2013

Camera Recommendations

Adam and I had a great day at the beach on Sunday. Such a gorgeous New England day! I took a few photos with my phone and for the millionth time I thought to myself, argh I really would like a REAL camera. I started looking online and then became overwhelmed with all of the choices.

So, I am asking for some recommendations for a good beginner digital camera. It doesn't have to be anything too fancy because frankly I don't currently know how to do much more than point and click. If you can't recommend a specific camera, is there a brand that I should focus on? And what should I be looking for in a camera? And I guess price isn't really a huge issue, I've waited this long to get one, so if I should wait a little longer and save up for something that would be worth it in the long run I'm good with that. I really appreciate any guidance.


Maggie said...

I have recommendations.... hit me up on chat!

Pete Cobb said...

I am pretty solidly in the Canon camp. My first digital was a digital Rebel, a great camera. Now I am using the Rebel T5i and I am loving it. Don't feel like you need to know everything about photography, or even your camera, to take good snaps. Get more camera than you think you will want, because too many features are better than not enough. For a point and shoot, I have a Canon G12 and it is awesome! Fits in my pocket but takes amazing pictures and video!

Amy Moody said...

Thanks guys...I now have something to save for! :)

Dad/ray said...

We as a family all have Canon . Started out with and Olympus which I still have and use it alsoMy newest is a Canon SX40 .

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