Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For Cody, mostly.

I remember Cody telling me awhile back that he especially enjoyed this Avett song. I came across this version today and it's simply beautiful. I thought you would like this, Cody and am posting for anyone else who might be an Avett fan.

Ballad of Love and Hate

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bathtime and other Sunday fun...

Kobe and I went out and played in the new snow for quite awhile this morning. He got wet and I realized just how bad he stunk. Too many trips to the barn without a bath...So I decided that today was just as good as any for that long over due bath.

Kobe is a good dog. But Kobe hates baths. It's always a little bit of an ordeal getting him into the tub...Today he tried to hide behind Adam, rookie mistake on Kobe's part, as Adam is my partner in crime. Eventually, I wrangled Kobe into the tub and mission accomplished, we have a nice smelling, clean dog. At least for a day or two!

Adam is studying right now and I am about to write some thank you notes. As soon as Adam is done studying we're heading out on another Sunday mission: to find some sleds. A couple of years ago, in one of our issues of LVM (our kayak video magazine that we subscribe to), they had this segment about the Mad River Rocket sleds. We looked them up at the time and they were $60...A little pricey we decided at the time and opted not to purchase them. Recently, we had a change of heart and decided it could be really fun to do a little hiking with the Mad River Rocket and sled the way down. So, we went to their website a couple of weeks ago with the intent to buy one for each of us. That is until we noticed that they had been on ABC World News since we last checked them out and their price had DOUBLED. OUCH! We can't bring ourselves to spend that much on a sled...So, we're off this afternoon to the local hardware store in search of some cheapy plastic $10 sleds that we'll have just as much fun on!

Friday, January 2, 2009

5 things I intend to do in 2009

1. Visit Mag in Steamboat.
2. Visit Jeannie in Philly.
3. Visit Jackie in Phoenix.
4. Congratulate Adam on becoming a commercial helicopter pilot.
5. Get married.

Happy New Year to you from us.

the wisdom's in the trees, not the glass windows - j.j.